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What Is Advocacy?

The first way to construct an advocacy toolkit, which is one of the main purposes of this project, there is a need for adopting the meaning of the activity of “advocacy”. In sum, advocacy activity is;

  • An attempt by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to influence any public policy for a common interest.
  • A process of using information strategically to influence decision-makers and to change law or the policies.

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What Is Advocacy


The advocacy strategy refers basically creating a roadmap and acting according to that road map. In this case, the strategy includes determining the situation, defining the place to be reached and determining how to reach it.

The advocacy strategy may differ depending on how the situation, location, time, people, target audience and circumstances are defined. It is not possible to speak of a single advocacy strategy, considering that external factors cannot be controlled within a strategy. As a result, each organization’s advocacy strategy may vary due to its own circumstances.

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Examples Around The World

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