What Is Advocacy?

The first way to construct an advocacy toolkit, which is one of the main purposes of this project, there is a need for adopting the meaning of the activity of “advocacy”. In sum, advocacy activity is;

  • An attempt by Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to influence any public policy for a common interest.
  • A process of using information strategically to influence decision-makers and to change law or the policies.

The aim of the advocacy is to demand changes in policy or law amendment or to contribute to the changes.

Different roles can be adopted for advocacy activity. These roles can be summarized as inspector, advocator and service provider:

As an inspector, the organizations follow the policies related to the problem they identified and focus on how these policies are applied.

As an advocator, the organizations develop suggestions and do activities to implement them. This kind of organizations take an active role of being the center of creating ideas.

In order to advocate by providing services, the organization can develop a solution to the problem which it handles and apply the solution on a small scale. In this way, the activities which will be performed to extend the model that it builds to a wider scale (local, national or international) are identified as providing services to advocate.

Therefore, the project called “Capacity Building of FRA for Food Waste Prevention and Reduction in Turkey” adopt these third role as well in advocacy activities; so, it assumed the role of being the center on the first advocacy toolkit which will be created on the food.

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