About the Project

About the Project

Food Rescue Association (FRA), was awarded a grant within the Civil Society Support Program II (CSSP II) with the project called “Capacity Building of FRA for Food Waste Prevention and Reduction in Turkey”.

Food Rescue Association (FRA) conducts necessary communication and awareness studies for the prevention of food waste and loss in our country, identifies the needs of non-governmental organizations operating in various ways in the field of food waste prevention and supports them in different areas such as technology, human resources, financial support, process design and improvement and supports Food Banks in finding continuous food donations and increasing competency and capacity.

In line with this purpose, our association applied to second term call of Civil Society Support Program (CSSP-II) which was opened by Civil Society Sector (CSS) with the project called “Capacity Building of FRA for Food Waste Prevention and Reduction in Turkey”. The project awarded a grant within the more than 500 project applications. In the project which FRA being the beneficiary coordinator, Federation of Food and Drink Industry Associations of Turkey  took part as co-beneficiary.

The 12-month project aims to improve the communication and advocacy skills of CSOs interested in reducing food loss and waste, capacity building, funding and cooperation, and to establish better partnerships with government and other relevant public authorities in participatory decision-making processes.

In this context, our objectives in the project;

  • To develop an advocacy strategy and toolkit,

• To improve the technical knowledge and capacity of the GKTD and other NGOs in policy advocacy and impact assessment,

• To create a network where representatives interested in reducing food loss and waste can exchange ideas and gain more evidence and data-based knowledge and skills,

• To create recommendations by conducting gap analysis in the regulations on food waste management and food donation.

During the 12-month activity period,

  • Preparing an outline with advocacy toolkit,
  • To discuss the draft work with Food Banks, NGO representatives, Corporate Firms, HORECAs (hotels, restaurants, catring), public local administrations and government representatives at the workshops planned to be held in Istanbul and Antalya,
  • In line with the outputs of the workshops, the establishment of the final Advocacy Toolkit, which is planned by the experts to guide NGOs on Food Waste Prevention, Dissemination of Food Banking and Capacity Building,
  • Preparation of a recommendations report to be submitted to decision-makers with gap analysis studies in the regulations on food waste management and food donation,
  • Finally, all of Turkey announced the Advocacy Toolkit created with the final meeting scheduled to take place in Ankara

modules will be implemented.

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