Advocacy to Prevent and Reduce Food Waste

Developing a legislative environment for active citizenship with the advocacy toolkit, strengthening cooperation between the public sector and NGOs, strengthening network capacities between organized active citizens, establishing a common ground and systematic approach to CSOs and local authorities on communication and policy making, FRA and improving the involvement of NGOs in decision-making at local, regional and national level; An Advocacy Toolkit has been developed to help CSOs develop accountability and transparency, more effective advocacy, lobbying and dialogue with public institutions, and develop monitoring and evaluation tools or mechanisms for advocacy initiatives and supporter bases. The report of “Advocacy to Prevent and Reduce Food Waste” was created in line with the outcomes of desktop studies, 4 December 2019 Istanbul Workshop, 9 January 2020 Antalya Workshop and 11 February 2020 Public Institutions Information and Consultation Meeting, throughout the project period and was announced in 9 March 2020 Ankara Closing Meeting. Read more…

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